Empower – Learn – Belong – Our approach to “Home-based learning”.


Empower – Learn – Belong endeavours to act as a guide for the Puketapu School community to ensure that our tamariki experience the best home teaching and learning possible during the COVID19 lockdown. 

Home learning at Puketapu School has been set up to allow students to learn and pursue their academic and personal goals without being physically present at school.  The Empower, Learn, Belong learning programme aspires to be unique and responsive to the priorities, preferences, and issues of our community and for our people.  

Thank you to all of our teachers and students over the past week for designing and creating content and testing this prototype website for our community.   

Some key points regarding Empower – Learn – Belong:

  • Today and tomorrow are the last days of Term One, with the new term break now being brought forward from Monday 30 March to Tuesday 14 April inclusive.
  • We have made Empower – Learn – Belong available now to provide some optional activities for learners over the term break. (This may assist with helping keep kids engaged and active)
  • Our classroom teachers will be spending time creating their new daily rhythm at home with their whanau and looking after their wellbeing so they will not be in communication through the new term break (30th March – Tuesday 14th April). 
  • Empower – Learn – Belong recognises that we don’t want you to try and “run school from home”.
  • We are in the middle of a global pandemic and wellbeing is the 1st, 2nd & 3rd most important priorities!
  • We are not website creators or designers but we are hugely proud of what we have put together.  We are now in the stage of testing our prototype and are realistic that there will be errors that we need to debug. 
  • You can contact Ngatai with any queries, comments or concerns – nwalker@puketapu.school.nz and he will answer when he can.  As a school we will be communicating with you just before Easter with details around how Home Learning will look from Wednesday 15th April onwards.
  • Keep safe and well whānau

Access Empower – Learn – Belong here: https://bit.ly/puketapuhomelearning