Ngatai Walker

Appointed to lead Puketapu in 2016, Ngatai is an experienced educator, who was Deputy Principal at Inglewood Primary and with Core Education as Learning with Digital Technologies Facilitator. Originally from Masterton, Ngatai grew up in the Wairarapa before moving to Taranaki.  Ngatai is a keen sports fan and coaches the Inglewood premier rugby team and the Taranaki development squad. Believing strongly in growing positive citizens, Ngatai is a leader with a strong knowledge of teaching and learning and a passion for community.

Corinne Sattler
Deputy Principal & SENCO

A long standing member of the Puketapu team, Corinne is Taranaki born and bred. Corinne believes the each and every individual is precious and valuable, and that there is something unique about everyone. Being happy, enjoying learning that is exciting and fun helps build  life long learners. Corinne is a strong believer in the hauhora philosophy, recognising the importance of well-being and whole person learning. We are all learners, and we are all teachers, so learning is a partnership. Corinne feels strongly about empowering, students, colleagues and parents/whanau to make the most of that. Corinne loves literacy and the arts, especially writing, and is often involved in projects and literacy groups.

Amanda O’Dowda
Assistant Principal (Senior School) & Learning Leader of Kauri Learning Team, Teacher Kauri 1 (Year 7&8)

David Martin
Teacher Kauri 2 (Year 7&8)

Julia Johnstone
Teacher, Kauri 3 (Year 7&8)

Julia loves sport and coaches netball, touch and hockey. She loves to swim and in summer can be seen at East End as part of their volunteer Surf Life Saving crew.
No he kakano iti, he puawai ana he kauri – From a small seed, a tall tree will blossom. Julia believes there is greatness with every student and all have the potential to become tall trees. Julia’s teaching philosophy centres on allowing students to find the greatness within themselves and watching them blossom as they embrace their strengths.

Christine Murphy
Kowhai Learning Leader, Teacher Kowhai 2 (Year 4-6)

Christine is a ‘Naki’ girl through and through and has taught in several Taranaki schools over her teaching career. Seeing children make progress in their learning is what ‘gets her out of bed in the morning’ but watching them develop into ‘well rounded citizens for the future’ is what really excites her. Christine leads the Kowhai Learning Team, has responsibility for overseeing the Library programmes and is a member of the Literacy Lead team.

Nicole Megaw
Teacher, Kowhai 2 (Year 4-6)

Cara Knuckey
Teacher, Kowhai 3 (Year 4-6)

Laurie Edwin
Teacher, Kowhai 4 (Year 4-6)

Kellie Minnell
Assistant Principal (Junior School) & Learning Leader of Totara Learning Team, Teacher Totara 1 (Year 2&3)

Alejandro Barrientos
Teacher, Totara 2 (Year 2&3)

Growing up I was fascinated with superheroes and doing heroic deeds. My time spent in Australia doing my volunteer teaching year showed me that heroes do exist. Not necessarily to the eyes of the public, however through the eyes of the students who are sitting in front of you. And that is all that matters. Being a hero to the students does not necessarily mean swinging through the streets or stopping a runaway car with one hand, it is having faith that they can succeed, even when they have little faith in themselves. It is showing that you care for them and value the korero you have with them. It is establishing and cherishing that student-teacher relationship.  I may not be a superhero like the characters out of the comic book pages but those stories of heroism have taught me the value of what it means to be ‘a good guy’ and to always do the right thing.

Kelly Harvey
Teacher, Totara 3 (Year 2/3)

Louisa Sharrock
Teacher, Totara 4 (Year 2/3)

A local girl who still lives in Bell Block, Louisa loves to read and to swim and enjoys teaching swimming during the summer months. Louisa’s mantra: “The kids that we teach may not remember what it is that we have taught them, but they will always remember how we made them feel, so I do my utmost to ensure that they always leave me with a smile on their face and a giggle in their heart.”

Fiona Warring
Learning Leader of Rimu, Teacher, Rimu 1 (Year 0/1)

A parent as well as a teacher, Fiona has had close links with Puketapu School for some time. Having worked in early childhood for several years, Fiona is perfectly placed to support our young students in their early years at school.

Peggy Schwieters
Teacher, Rimu 2 (Year 0/1)

Anna Proffit
Teacher, Rimu 3 (Year (0-1)

Kim Sowman
Teacher, Rimu 4 (Year (0-1)

Kim started her teaching career many years ago in Hawera. Once she was registered she headed off to the UK for 8 years and taught in a wide variety of schools in central London between traveling to many different countries. Kim returned to New Zealand and had her own family who are now also at Puketapu School. Kim is also our Sports & Community Liaison person and is one of the teacher reps on the Home and School.

Shirlene Paterson
Maths Specialist Teacher

Shirlene has lived in Taranaki for 25 years.  She has 4 adult children and a grandchild.  She has specialist interests in Mathematics, Science and Literacy.  Shirlene loves using fibres for creativity such as knitting and spinning and felting.

Claire Wigley
Design Technology Teacher

Jules Monckton
Teacher, ORS & Teacher Release

Jay Lane
Learning Assistant

Always a friendly face around the school, Jay loves working alongside children in class or on a 1-1 basis as part of reading, literacy and speech programmes. She enjoys seeing the children achieve their personal goals. Jay is also our Duffy co-ordinator and supports many different activities around the school.

Diane Benton
Learning Assistant

Michele Oldfield
Learning Assistant

Shaina Moratti
Learning Assistant

Brody Lindsay
Learning Assistant

Sandra Fonoti
Learning Assistant

Siniva Isaia
Learning Assistant

Judith Jackson
Learning Assistant & Librarian

Judith’s passion is to ensure that the school library has an up to date, relevant collection that not only supports the curriculum but provides the children with a variety of material for their recreational reading and research needs.   Working with children and seeing the progression they make gives her the greatest satisfaction.

Raymond Quince

Truly one of the essential members of staff, Mr Quince looks after our fabulous grounds, keeping everything safe and tidy and working well. As well as being our Mr Fix-It around the school, he is also our IT guru, making sure our technology works correctly, from computers and internet to the sound and presentations at our weekly Assembly.

Paula Martin
School Administrator

The friendly face you see when you arrive in the office, Mrs Martin is the first point of contact for enrolments, messages or questions and takes care of much of the school’s administration. Originally from Taranaki, she spent several years living in London and now uses her corporate world experience to ensure the smooth running of the school.

Karen Astwood
Office Assistant